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FS: Ultra cheap hip-hop records


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All records are $5, except for the Wu-tang clan album. That one's $10. I will give a generous discount for buying multiple records.

Please don't judge my musical taste based on this list. They came with my tables, which were from Ohio. Enough said.

Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls
E-40 - From the Ground Up, featuring Too Short and K-Ci and JoJo
50 Cent- Thug Love, featuring Destiny’s Child
Big Bub -“Need Your Love” remix (white label)
Richie Rich- (untitled, white label EP) “What I ain’t gonna do” (A side) and “Playboy” (B side)
Major Figgas- (white label) What you know about Ballin’
Scorpion - Who’s That Girl?
Eminem- Stan
R. Kelly - Fiesta and the Fiesta Remix (featuring Jay-Z)
Beenie Man - Ain’t Nobody
Fullblooded (featuring Mo B. Dick and The Hounds of Gert Town) - The Quickest Way to Die
The Psycho Realm - Stone Garden (double copies)
XZibit - Front to Back (white label)
Lil’ Mo- Ta Da
Queen with vocals from Wyclef Jean, Featuring Pras and Free- Another one bites the Dust (white label)
The Godfather, music from the motion picture (full album)
Wu-tang Clan - The W (full album)
Cypress Hill - (Rap) Superstar (limited edition clear vinyl)
Herculeez & Big Tyme - Hollywood
Too Short featuring Puff Daddy -It’s About that Money
M.A.D. Kutz - Shake Dat (white label)
Mia X - Whatcha Wanna Do?
Dave Hollister - My Favourite Girl
Amil featuring Jay-Z -That’s Right
Yukmouth - Clap Yo Hands
Lil’ Kim- No matter what they say
Godzilla feat. L.O.J. - Splifted EP (also has Mirror Mirror & Do What you gotta do)
I Born - Can’t Stop
Gambino Family feat. C-Murder and Porsha - My Childhood Years
Cappadonna “The Pillage” - The Clean LP
The Lox - Breathe Easy (Double copies)
Eightball - My Homeboy’s Girlfriend
B.B. Jay - Hot Ta Def/ I Told You So