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14K Cannabis seed slider pendants by tribe

FS: Two Technics 1200s Mark II ( Black) with Ortofon headshell & needles


TRIBE Member
Looking for $1000 minimum or best offer. I may hold off for the best bid.

Tables include dust covers and Ortofon Nightclub series needles (the yellow ones) & headshells.

Moving to digital permanently which is why I'm selling them.

These decks have only ever been in my studio.

Please PM me or email me at ian@fukhouse.ca

I reserve the right to change my mind on this one :D


TRIBE Promoter

whens the record sale!?!??!


I've been flipping and flopping on the sale of my TTs. on one side i haven't bought a record in a year and 300 odd records i never listen to. on the other is how i think i would be so sad to see em go for what reason i have no clue...



TRIBE Member
Thanks man. I may hold out for more, but I also may entertain offers that come in for what I asked for. . . as I am a little cash shy at the moment due to my new purchases of midi controller and soundcards which will assist in my final metamorphosis to digital only robot.


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Um, this include $300 worth of needles! This is a good deal.

PM or email please.

These decks will last 20 more years.
Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain
Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain