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FS: Two Cineplex Airmiles Reward Certificates


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I have two Airmiles Reward Certificates available.

certificate includes
- two adult admission tickets
- one regular sized popcorn
- two regular sized fountain drinks

These expire on December 28th. So you'd have a month to use them.

Can be used on IMAX or VIP but you would need to pay the difference between the regular ticket price and the IMAX or VIP price per seat.

They are not attached to my airmiles account so they are transferrable.

They do not work for online purchases - you have to use them at the box office.

Paper napkin calculator estimates these are worth around $50 each. I'm asking $40 per. These are terrific for a movie date!

I live in Parkdale, so I can meet you somewhere around there or we can work something else out. I work during the day near the airport.

bigdaddyhame AT gmail DOT com or PM me here.
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well go to costco, then. not everyone has a membership.

In the interests of nothing in particular, I'll drop the price to $35.