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FS: Toshiba Satellite Laptop, P3, 512 RAM, 30Gig HD, $400


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Hi there
I'm selling my trusty laptop in favour of something new.

The make/model is Toshiba Satellite 1800 HV9P. I bought it new about 4
years ago. It's never been my primary machine so I'd guess it has
about 200-300 hours on it. It's traveled with me on a few occasions
and has been used for a few gigs. Dependable and everything works
great. Perfect for a student.

This isn't a high-end laptop but I think it would be a decent
all-around starter machine for someone. Microsoft office, MP3 audio,
internet, etc all work great. It's also met my mobile needs for graphics
and audio production. Runs Ableton Live well enough.

Here is a link to the item on Toshiba's website. I've upgraded the
RAM to 512 Mb but all the other details are the same. It's a bit
technical so I've summarized below as well.


Pentium 3, 1.1 Ghz, 512 RAM
14.1 inch screen, 1024x768 resolution
30 Gig hard drive
10/100 network for high speed internet and LAN
modem for low speed internet over phone line
basic audio output and recording
DVD ROM and CD rewritable drive
2 USB 1.1 ports and a VGA video out
Windows XP Home edition

I have the box, all manuals and CD's. I'll refresh the system back to
its original state, apply latest security patches, and configure to your

The laptop and the memory upgrade cost me just over $2000 back then
(may have some receipts to show you if I do some digging). So I think
$450 is a fair price and competitive with the used laptop prices I've
seen in Chinatown (many I've seen look pretty beat up). Please do your
own comparisons too.

I've also got a Linksys 802.11 a/b/g card that gives this wireless
capabilities. If you'd like that too, I'll ask $450.

Anyways that's about all I can think of! Let me know if you're interested
in checking it out. Best to just call me at 416-907-4460.. I'm not on this
site all that often. Thanks, James.
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Here are some pics to show the cosmetic condition.