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FS: Tech 1200 MK2 & PRO TT-1


TRIBE Member
Hey all,
I have 2 decks for sale. 1 Tech 1200 MK2 and 1 Numark PRO TT-1.

1) 1200 MK2 (silver) - is about 2 yrs old. Very good shape, comes with the lid, cartridge/needle, slipmat, 45 adapter. Also has blue led's installed. - $600

2) Numark PRO TT-1 - not to sure how old it is. Is in good shape, also comes with lid, cart, slipmat, 45 adapter etc... Only thing is the lid doesn't have any hinges and it has a piece broken off it. This is the one that has the digital read out of the pitch. It is Direct-drive - $250

or if you grab both i'll give it to you for $800.

PM or email at: channi_gill@hotmail.com

email if you want to see a pic, i'll try to post one later.


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