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FS: Suzuki RF 600 R Motorcycle


TRIBE Member
1994 Suzuki RF 600 R.

A bit of a collectors item, as it was only available in canada for a few years, this bike is perfect for a beginner rider, with enough power for even a seasoned veteran. Parts are very common thanks to the popular GSXR model being very similar.

This bike is in MINT Shape and in 100% perfect working order. Ready to ride.
Just finished giving it a tuneup, including sparkplugs.

Bike comes equiped with Performance Yoshimura Exhaust system and header, SpeedScreen and a bunch of other goodies. Extra seat and fearings included.

This is a pic of the actual bike.


for further information, PM or email me ricktoxic at gmail dot com.

Price: $3000 Firm. an absolute steal. i dare you to look in the bike trader and find a sports bike ready to ride for less than that.

Happy Trails!

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