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FS: super Powerbook G4!

Kid Epic

TRIBE Member
hello, i've got a souped-up G4, 15" 1.5ghz Powerbook up for grabs. when i ordered it from Apple i had it modified so it would be optimized for audio/video/graphics production. this means i had the stock hardrive which was really slow upgraded to a much faster 5400rpm drive. the RAM was juiced up from 512mb to 1 gigabyte. and the VideoRAM was exapanded to 128mb so it's ultrafast and can run another large external monitor smoothly at high resolution!

i paid $3,756 for this new at Apple.ca and have kept it in immaculate condition! everything works beautifully and looks beautiful! there's about one more year left on it for Applecare too.

asking $2000.oo


• G4 1.5ghz
• Superdrive
• 15" screen
• 1 gigabyte ram
• 128mb videoram
• 80 gigabyte 5400rpm harddrive

preloaded with adobe cs, cubase sx3 (you will need a ilok dongle), reason 3, and final cut pro hd

i have a G5 powermac so i don't use this anymore, thanks for looking at my advert!

kid_epic at hotmail.com

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Kid Epic

TRIBE Member
ok you guys leave me no choice...i must...perform....VOODOOoooo!!

@@@@@@@*****u will buy my laptop for $1700********@@@@@@@@

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
i'm being told that you have chosen not to receive pm's, or that you may not be allowed to.. wacky.. do you have an email addy instead?
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