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FS: Stuff


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  • Drum&BassAreana's First Album 5 Piece Vinyl Box Set ($30)
    A. )EIB( - Miami
    B. Spirit - Out of Control
    C. Total Science - Yvon is on
    D. Marcus Intalex - Balderdash
    E. Accidental Heros - Dub Wise
    F. Ant Miles - Sea of Chaos
    G. Tee Bee - Two Faced
    H. Carlito & Addiction - Into Music
    I. Eskobar - Tokyo Nightlife
    J. Alex Reece - Sex Jive

    Hard Leaders - Genetically Unmodified Pure Drum n Bass ($20)
    A. Capone - Feelings
    B. Manifest - Centrum
    C. Capone - 2 DA 1
    D. Tech Level 2 - Chemical
    E. Decoder - Stash (decoder remix)
    F. DJ Surreal - No Where

    John B - Future Reference Promo EP ($10)
    A. Forever (hard 12" mix)
    B. Forever (extended 12"mix)
    C. Run out of Time (12" mix)
    D. Show me the Way

    DrumSound & Simon 'Bassline Smith ($5)
    A. Badman
    B. Phoenix

    Q-Project ($5)
    A. 40 Below
    B. Safety Clause

    !!20 DnB Vinyl Grab Pack!! ($40)
    Various Artists, great way to build your collection, makes a great xmas gift for that special junglist dj in your life ;)

Computer Speakers ($40)
  • Harman/Kardon HK 206 2 Piece Computer Speakers (BRAND NEW) charcol grey in colour (matches the blackish coloured computers) never used still in box, complete with wires, ac adapter etc.

Autometer 3900 5" Monster Tachometer ($40)
  • 10,000rpm
    Black Face/White Number
    Manual Set Redline
    Calibrated for 4 cylinder car (honda, toyota etc)
    I can recalibrate it for either 6 or 8 cylinder cars
    Used, but in perfect workin order
    Mounting Bracket Included

If anything tickles your fancy email me govenah@hotmail.com pick up as much as you can before it all gets listed on ebay!! :eek:

thanks for looking :p


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add this to it!!

Q-Project - Sticky Fingers REMIXES ($15) BRAND NEW
A.Twisted Individual Remix
B.Jungle Whore Remix