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FS: Studio Monitors - HHB Circle 3 High End Monitors... Priced to move!

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter

# Features: Crossover point at 3.5kHz, with pro-grade components on fibreglass PCB
# Binding posts
# 8 Ohms nominal impedance
# H 270mm / W 175mm / D 197mm
# Precision compact monitor
# Available in active and passive versions
# Custom 4.5" (110mm) bass driver with acoustically dead chassis
# Ferro-fluid cooled soft dome tweeter

Active biamp module:
# Bass - 60W programmed
# Tweeter - 30W programmed

# Connectors: Passive - Binding posts

# No limiting on LF amplifier - sound remains balanced at all listening levels
# Sound is not tiring on long sessions due to controlled order crossover management
# Magnetically screened for use close to video and computer monitors

Im selling them for .... $600.

PM me or Email me at mybookings@hotmail.com