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FS: Sony XBR 36 inch HDTV


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I've listed this before on Tribe, but moreso as a "feeler". But now I really need to depart with it. Any reasonable offers will be entertained.

I am looking to sell my 4 year old Sony XBR 36 inch TV (KV36XBR400). The XBR was Sony's highest model HDTV (at the time) and is a much higher quality unit than the standard WEGA series. The quality difference is night and day and really must be seen to be believed. The picture is FAR better than any LCD screen. My only reason for selling is that I would like to free up some space in my living room.

The TV is in PERFECT condition (no defects either functioanlly, or aesthetically) and comes complete with the matching stand. The stand is a must as the entire package weighs approximately almost 300 lbs, therefore you don't want to put the TV on just any IKEA-type stand.

This photo gives you an idea of the size of the unit ...


I tried to take a picture of the image quality, but it is hard to see through a digital camera and should be seen in person ...


I originally paid $4,000 (+ tax) for the TV and $400 (+ tax) for the stand. Total was a little over $5,000 for the whole package. I am asking $1,200 or best offer.

Local pickup is recommended, but if I get anything over $1,000 I will pay for a delivery truck to move it for you.
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great deal!

if i didn't already have a 32" wega i'd be all over this

does it do 1080i or 720p?
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