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For sale Sony Vaio Laptop (PCG-FX340) that is in amazing condition. The screen is perfectly fine no dead pixels, runs just as great as the day I got it. Comes complete with original box, manuals, and all the software. The hardware specs are as follows:

- Intel PIII 900MHz
- 14.1 XGA TFT
- 384MB SDRAM (originally came with 128MB but I added 256MB and it is capable of holding a maximum of 512MB)
- CD-RW/DVD combo drive (24x max CD-ROM read, 8x max CD-R write, 4x max CD-RW write, 8X max DVD-ROM read)
- 15 GB hard disk drive
- 11MB video SDRAM
- Lithium-ion battery, dual battery capability
- Integrated network card/v.90/K56flex data/fax compatible modem
- NTSC video out
- IEEE1394 (Firewire) interface
- 2 USB, 1 serial, 1 printer, 1 monitor, 1 network port
- 3.5 floppy drive (or you can take it out and use the weight saver instead so that the whole thing weighs less).
- 3 programmable power keys for easy access to key applications such as Internet Explorer, email, etc.
- Built in stereo speakers and touchpad.

I'm asking $950. If you have any additional questions please email me, don't PM here on Tribe ... andrew.stocktonNOSPAM@rogers.com

Here are some pictures of everything.





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Can this laptop be used to make electronic music (ie. reason, acid, soundforge, etc)?

Is the HD big enough?

If so, I'm definitely interested.



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I don't run any of those programs so I couldn't say for sure, which also relates to your question about the HD size. I run stuff like Photoshop without any problems at all though, so I can only assume it will handle the stuff without any problems. As a nice feature it has firewire which should help if you're moving around large sound files to external sources like a firewire HD or whatever.

I should also mention that I'm located downtown just steps from Yonge/Dundas in case anyone is interested at taking a look at it.


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yes it can but you will have limitations to how many tracks and effects processing you use,I am also not sure about the audio interface but you might need an external one for better sound quality


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you'll need a special soundcard for it... as well as Maxed out ram... other than that... this is a wicked laptop...

will do the trick for audio prodution
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it's fast enough to do pretty much anything

although things like cubase can never get enough processing power i hear

anyone into producing should be planning on spending a significant amount of $$ on a special soundcard too


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Originally posted by marcinm
how come the box is soo big?
It came with a silly amount of padding and bubble wrapping. The bubble wrapping is not included as I've had too much fun poking it, now it's all gone :(


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Still for sale ... was supposed to sell it to someone for $900 plus I was going to include a USB Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer. So that's the new deal for anyone that is interested.
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