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FS: Sony photo printer (dye-sub) w/LCD touchscreen


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I am looking to sell my Sony photo printer. It accepts several forms of memory cards and is easy to use without a computer as it has a nice LCD touchscreen as its interface. It uses a dye sublimation printing process (not inkjet) which provides superior output. Pictures are very durable as the "ink" cannot run.

It is in perfect condition, both functionally and cosmetically (no scratches, etc). Comes complete with original box and all accessories that were in the box. I will include the optional PC Card adaptor for free if I get a reasonable offer.

- Borderless 4x6" or Economical 3½x4" Print Sizes
- Direct Print from Memory Stick® or other flash media (w/optional PC Card adaptor)
- 3.2" DSTN color LCD monitor with Touch Panel functionality and Stylus
- 3.8 Megapixel High Resolution - 2466 x 1664 for 4x6" print
- Continuous Tone photo quality printing - 256 graduations for yellow, magenta, cyan create 16.7 million colors
- High Speed Printing - approximately 90 seconds for 4x6" print, 60 seconds for 3½x4" print
- Selectable Auto Fine Print function maximizes picture quality
- Photo Editing allows creative control of Zoom/Trim, Brightness, Color Depth, Sharpness
- Creative Print function for cards, calendars and other print creativity
- USB port for operation with Windows and Mac PC
- Dedicated Memory Stick and PCMCIA card reader/writer function through USB port for Windows PC


I paid about $800 several years ago. I know it is not worth anything close to that now, so I am asking for $180 OBO.

Please contact me at buysell@thechapmangroup.ca

- Ian