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FS: Snowboarding Attire


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OPTION NFA Ski/Snowboarding Gloves

- Mens medium
- Navy, grey, black, orange
- DryFinger Technology [consists of a removable fleece inner glove, a Dryfinger waterproof, breathable insert and nylon ripstop outer shell coupled with a lighter layer of insulation to provide the perfect combination of a dry and warm hand environment.]
- waterproof
- adjustable strap across the wrist
- adjustable opening to seal out snow when you bail
- soft material on thumbs to wipe your nose
- palm and in-between fingers is a grippy material
- Retailed around $120

This year will be their 4th season. On the right mitt on the tip of the middle finger and pointer, the seam came loose but I sewed it. Theyre a perfect glove for a new rider who just blew their cash on equipment or someone who goes out rarely that just needs a practical warm dry glove to get them through. They were awesome for me!


Gordini Night Goggles

- Very simple goggle
- Awesome for night riding, total clear lens, allows you to see the bumps in the snow at night easier (I find the tint *for me* distracting). (Great if you want a night goggle for the option of switching)
- retailed $40 +tax
- dual lens
- light scratches on the lens (because of me)
- this will be their 2nd season


Colorado Unisex White Pant

- Shell 100% nylon, inner 65% polyester 35% cotton
- I think they were in the mens section when I bought them, they are a medium. But I think they fit more like a mens small. I am about a 29 waist. They are very elasticized at the back for better fit.
- 2 zip pockets on the side with regular jean-like pockets on top, 2 velcro pockets on the butt, and one Velcro one on the left thigh
- adjustable bottoms for snug fit around your boot
- some detail white stitching around the knees so they are not just straight
- this will be their 3rd season
- the were warm for me! Loved them !!
- retailed around $50 + tax
- once again great for a newbie or rare rider

inside out

front view

action shot !!



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pants sold.


spares?? in case what?

nah, I've never come across a snowboarding experience where I needed to replace the gloves I was wearing..
I'm sure someone else could make better use


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what if?

if you go boarding in the afternoon.. the gloves get wet, then you go boarding at night it'sn nice to have dry gloves


if you are on the chair at tremblant and you drop one over the glades never to see it again... it would suck to have to buy new gloves...

or.. if one gets ripped... as soon as they get a rip they are never fully water proof again...


Extra gloves are always in my boarding bag...