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FS: Satellite Radio (Sirius/XM) Soundsystem *Brand New!*


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Selling a brand new "Premium Sound System" for Sirius & XM satellite radio receivers. It includes the Boombox, AC power adapter, and Antenna. I had to open the box just for a moment to determine if the receiver was included ...IT IS NOT. However you can dock any satellite receiver into this portable stereo. Model number is SUBX3C

Details are here (including receiver compatibility)..
SIRIUS Canada - Premium Sound System

Reason I'm selling... I won it, and don't use satellite radio. If you're looking for something to bring your music to the cottage, backyard, etc, this thing is for you!

It retails for $130 (plus taxes). Asking $80. Again it's BRAND NEW. You'll have to pick it up in the College & Bathurst area (Little Italy).

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