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FS: Room for Rent - Ossington/Bloor - May 1st


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Room for rent as a month to month lease beginning in May. Ground floor room of a three-story house.

Utilities: apprx 20-30 every two months
Phone: Cell phones only (or new tenant will have to pay for landline)
Laundry onsite
5 min. to 24 hour IGA and Ossington station
Central heating and A/C
Free cable
Must split 3-ways for Rogers Internet
Room is carpeted and the only room on the first floor. Very quiet, great for working or studying.

Roommates are two responsible males, employed full-time. Students welcome, but no loud partying during the work-week. No pets, smoking on balcony only.

Available for showing most weeknights after 7PM. Please PM me (Matt) to arrange a viewing.

Credit check may be required.
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Also subletting in same apartment 3rd Floor room from June 12th-Aug 31st. Willing to negotiate start date to as early as June 1st to as late as July 1st.

Partially furnished (desk, couch, bedframe, wardrobe) if needed.



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i took some pictures the other day but can't find the adapter cable for my camera. i'll try to figure it out this weekend.


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it's not a huge room so the angles are sort of weird. this first one is me standing on my bed:

this one was taken from the door:
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