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FS :::: Rolling 120+ lp flight case w/ retractable handle


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It's black, brand new, has rubber wheels and a retractable handle. I'll be honest, it's not the prettiest thing... but very practical.


I just got it and I realized... sure it has wheels and no matter how heavy, I could roll it everywhere... BUT there's no fucking way my scrawny arms could lift it into my trunk or up the stairs when full...

Anyways, this thing might be more practical for someone else.

Make me an offer. :)
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ps ~ this is Chiclet's flightcase, I'm sure my not so scrawny arms could lift it, but hey, I'm not always around. hehe

it was never been used btw


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05. A sale thread's initial post must state a firm asking price. Of course you can haggle, but an initial price must be stated. A post simply asking for offers or conducting a PM auction is not allowed. A price must be stated in initial post.

And the asking price is....? :)
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im not interested in buying that. sorry. BUT

if you are looking for something with wheels, then this may be your answer.


I have this in silver.
It comes in the bottom only or top only. I like it.. light.. space for my headphones, needles etc.. and holds around 70 LP's i think..
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