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FS: Road Ready Coffin


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I have a slightly used coffin. It's almost exactly like the RRDJ10 below except it can fit a bit bigger mixer (maybe 11-12 inch or so). It also has a tip jar area ;-)

I'm selling it cuz I don't own a car and can't carry this bad boy on the subway when I need to use it downtown.

New price: $340CDN + HUGE shipping + tax

My price: $285 obo

Pic and info:

The best vibe going, the RRDJ10 is the final word in protection for your gear. Built to take abuse, the RRDJ10 is designed to hold two battle positioned turntables and a 10" mixer between them. Built with brains the RRDJ10 accommodates various turntables and features smart design elements like our unique removable front panel for easy access to your mixers controls, a rear access cable port for no hassle connections, and adjustable modular foam lining so that you can create the prefect custom fit for your gear. Go ahead get your groove on!

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Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
Premium 3/8" Vinyl Laminated Plywood
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Front Access Panel
Rear Access Cable Port
ATA 300 Rating
Road Ready Limited Lifetime Warranty
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I'll also include extra foam to the person who gets it. It will fit the NEW TTM57SL.

Please email me if interested:
djone37 AT gmail DOT commmmmmmmmm
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