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FS: Rio MP3 player, 20" Colour TV, Microwave, Hoover,


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If you want to purchase any items, you must pick them up next weekend only! Any time next Friday, Saturday or Sunday (May 19/20/21). I live downtown, near dundas & spadina. And it will be first come, first serve!


20” Colour TV – Silver, Stereo, Sears brand
1 year old, perfect condition.
Asking $50 obo


Hoover Vacuum- model s2561
Details + specs here: http://www.vacuumcleaners.net/vacuum_cleaners/products/hoover_s2561_quik_broom_p_10255.html
1 year old, great condition.
Asking $20 obo


Proctor Silex Microwave
Details+specs here: http://www.ps-microwaves.com/E7017NP-F.php
9 months old, perfect condition
Asking $25 obo


Rio Fuse MP3 player (128MB)
Info here: http://www.digitalnetworksna.com/shop/_templates/item_main_Rio.asp?model=217&cat=53
$30 obo


Dirt Devil Scorpion
Corded hand held vac, about 6 months old. Product details here: http://www.dirtdevil.com/Products/productDetail.aspx?id=16249
$15 obo


GE Microcassette Recorder (35375)
Includes clip on microphone, Features a built-in microphone for recording quality. Measures 2.6 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches (W x D x H)
More details and specs available here: http://www.televisionsteals.com/GE/item.php?a=B00005MNE7&k=Cassette Players&s=GE
Only used a couple of times, still in brand new condition…
Asking $10 obo

PM me or email hoopysale@yahoo.com for directions or if you have any questions.
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I need to get everything sold next weekend as i'm moving, and I don't want to guarantee to hold anything because i've had too many flakey people with my other sales..

I will make every effort to accommodate people who want to buy something though.. I will provide my contact info to people interested in buying, and they can call me to confirm if items are still available before coming over..