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FS: ride Fleetwood 158


TRIBE Promoter
2002-2003 deck:

ridden five times only. for the big footed rider - great for powder or the pipe, and you'll never have to worry about over hang again! retailed at 600 last year, now for the low, low price of 250 firm. I"m selling it for 300 on e-bay but for a triber I"ll knock off 50 bucks, but I def can't go any lower then that, the thing is still brand new! check e-bay for pic or e-mail me at s_j_noble@hotmail.com

Also available: 2001-2002 K2 Pro Model-Trevor Parker Scorpian 158, near new condition as well (also ridden les then five times).
$200 e-mail me for a pic, this one's not on e-bay yet.

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