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FS :Ride DH 155 snowboard


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This is a high end machine for the mountain. Awesome agressiveness that is great for freestyling or just freeriding. If fast is what you are into you won't be disappointed. It's last years model - white and flouresce3nt green, been used a few times, still in new condition. Originally $800, asking for $300.

If someone knows how to post pics please feel free to do so for me. thanks.


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Originally posted by fuzzy
So it begins ;)

Let me know when you have any 160-162 or so boards

Hey Richard - I'm dropping this line here 'cuz you're box is full, bro.

I have a last years, slightly used K2 Darkstar 160. It's still in great shape and is an awesome all around board. It was designed by pro-rider Travis Parker. It's pretty slick, I don't have a pic but I'm sure if you do a google search you'll come up with one.

I'm looking for $275. Let me know what you think. There's a bit of a lineup for boards right now so if you could let me know by the end of the week whether it might be up your alley or not, that'd be cool.

Thanks dude,