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FS: Powermac G4 733 Digital Audio


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733 Mhz G4
1 Gb RAM
2x 80GB HD = 160 GB total!
ATI 64 meg video
Superdrive (dvdr/cdrw)
Iomega Zip Drive
Apple pro keyboard and mouse

Software includes OSX Panther, Microsoft Office 2004, Adobe CS, and Toast 6 Titanium.

looking for $1200.00

not sure if i left anything out? if so, just msg me...

i would prefer to sell this locally (GTA/southern Ontario), but i will ship it at the buyer's expense.




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i'm adding another HD in this as well. 120 gigs.

so in total you get 2 80 gig drives and 1 120 gig. 280 total!!

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