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FS: POWER MAC G4 733 Mhz/1.25 GB SDRAM/280 GB Storage/SuperDrive - $1050


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FS: POWER MAC G4 733 Mhz/1.25 GB SDRAM/280 GB Storage/SuperDrive - $1050

Check it out! I’m selling my tricked out PowerMac G4/733 MHz desktop. I’ve used this computer strictly for music production. I purchased this machine last year from a college professor who barely used it, just the odd email and such. I outfitted this model with the features needed to work well in a recording environment. This computer has worked great for me. But, because I already have a PowerBook and could use the cash, I’m going to part with this one.


Condition: Excellent - Power cord / Apple Mouse / Apple Keyboard
Processor: 1 x Motorola PowerPC G4 (2.0) 733 MHz
Memory / RAM: 1.25GB PC133 SDRAM (2x512, 1x256) of 1.5 GB (max)
Storage (Hard Drive Space): 280 GB (2 x 80 GB + 120 GB Maxtor)
Storage: Apple SuperDrive; PIONEER (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R) / 100 MB IOMEGA ZIP Drive
Video Output Graphics card: ATI Radeon 8500LE 64MB DDR
Audio Output Sound card: Internal PCI - stereo - 16-bit
2 x USB / 2 Firewire
Communications Fax / modem - PCI - integrated - 56 Kbps (56 K Flex, (V.90)
Networking Network adapter - PCI - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Power AC 115/230 V ± 20% (50/60 Hz)
Storage Controller IDE / EIDE (DMA/ATA-66 (Ultra) - PCI
Memory / Cache 1 MB L3 cache - Pipeline Burst
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 8.9 in x 18.4 in x 17 in
Weight: 40 lbs
Software (w/disks): Mac OSX disk and 10.3 Panther 1-3; Power Mac G4 disks; Apple Hardware test; Mac OSX Developer tools; Apple Software including I-life suite; Restore disks; Microsoft Office X and more.

*If you are located in London or surrounding I will deliver. PM Me if you're interested. I can email pics aswell ;)
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