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FS - Pioneer VSX-D850S A/V Receiver

DJ Vuvu Zela

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Pioneer VSX-D850S AV Receiver - 6.1 Channel, Dolby Digital, DTS ES, 660 watts of power!

This is a fantastic receiver, and i've loved it for several years, but alas it's time for me to upgrade to something with HDMI so I'm afraid I'll have to sell this great unit to make way for the new one. MINT CONDITION!

This can handle an HD signal over the 2 component inputs available, and has a ton of digital audio inputs! (5 actually!) Comes with a cool learning remote. I still have the box & manual as well!

$140 FIRM

Located in Etobicoke at Islington & the 401.
I'm downtown sometimes in the late evenings. In Mississauga every weekend.

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