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FS: Pioneer DDJ SX + extras


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Pioneer DDJ SX - Bought first day it was released. unit is in great shape and works 100%. I still have the unused video license as well as the box. Will sell with a legit license for Traktor PRO II as well.

Crane Stand Pro - No need to say anything here, these are the best IMO.

Sennheisser HD 25-1 II Headphones. I can honestly say these have been used less then 10 times (I had a pair of Denon's when I got the DDJ SX) and have never been used outside the home. Comes with bag, replacement ear pads?

Check the "What headphones to get" thread.

I am really done this time, no more mixing for me.. no seriously. Once you sell the headphones, you know it is serious business. I really just don't have the time or the interest.

I am trying to sell as a package before I part out.. so a little less than purchase price before tax.

$1400 for everything.

DDJ SX 1039$ + tax
Headphones $299+tax
Crane Pro Stand - $149 + tax

All bought locally. Might part out if someone is interested in the DDJ SX by itself.

PM or email jay at onelesshippy . com



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Pioneer DDJ SX has been sold. Headphones and stand up for grabs.

headphones are in mint shape, never been gig'd. Absolutely no signs of wear. $275
(bought new a couple months back at L & M for $299 + tax)

Laptop stand - $125 (new at L & M for $149 + Tax, and $172 at the other local spots)

Buy them together and I will give you a deal. A real nice one - $350 for both.