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FS: Ping Pong table


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One full-size regulation ping pong table with net & paddles. Green. Each side folds up for storage. Three of four wheels work well; the fourth is a bit wonky.

$50 OBO
Send a PM or email at peteanderson98 at hotmail.kom
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DJ Doublecross

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I won't buy the table, but I will continuously beat you in ping-pong until you sell it.

Check the steez!!
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daddyiwantchocolate said:
Does it come with or without balls?

with. they are white but slightly used. scuff marks can surely be buffed out with a high speed rotary tool.

Rob, your fashion sense is without match. However, your pingpong skillz are matched, then exceeded.
By mine.

item's located near 401 & DVP
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