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FS: Pimped-out Macbook Pro 2.33Ghz for sale - Model MA610LL

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by HaliBubba, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. HaliBubba

    HaliBubba TRIBE Promoter

    Pimped-out Macbook Pro 2.33Ghz for sale - Model MA610LL

    - 15.4 inch glossy screen, 1440 x 900 resolution
    - 2.33 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    - UPGRADED: 4GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM (Fully maxed-out with Apple spec memory)
    - UPGRADED: 160GB Intel X-25 Rev2 SSD Hard Drive (World's Fastest SSD Laptop Drive @ 250MB/s access - 6 Months old)
    - NEW: 6x Superdrive DVD (Brand new)
    - NEW: Battery (Brand new)
    - UPDATED: 85W MagSafe Power supply (1 year old)
    - Airport Extreme - Wireless 802.11n Enabled
    - Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR
    - Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM and dual-link DVI port
    - Video: Built-in iSight camera, DVI port, and VGA adapter
    - Audio: Combined optical digital input/audio line in, combined digital output/headphone out, stereo speakers, built-in microphone
    - Ethernet: Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit)
    - Input: Apple remote
    - Original boxes and packaging (Great condition)

    This Macbook Pro has been well-loved in a non-smoke and clean environment and is looking for a new home. The system has been fully upgraded with 4GB of high grade Apple-spec RAM and a blazing fast Intel X25m Gen2 160GB SSD Hard drive (still under warranty). Because of these high performance upgrades, system bootup and application load times outperform even the latest line of Macbook Pros in their stock configuration. With these performance enhancements, this system will easily perform well for many years to come. The system features the now-classic and sought-after aluminum, all-silver casing with backlit Keyboard. It also includes 2 USB ports and a FireWire 800 port. Additionally, it includes a Firewire 400, full size DVI port, and ExpressCard/34 slot which are not found in any of the current models. This system also comes with a brand new battery (April 2010) and a 1 year old 85W magsafe power adapter. The DVD Superdrive is also brand new (April 2010) ensuring that the successful new owner will enjoy this system for MANY years to come. The casing and display are in very good condition with normal wear/minor surface markings. The system comes loaded with a fresh copy of the absolute latest 10.6.3 Snow Leopard, iLife 2009, and iWork 2008 (if you want it)

    This isn't your regular Macbook Pro. Price: $1,666 OBO.

    More info:
    MacBook Pro (Late 2006) - Technical Specifications
    Macintosh Performance Guide: Reviews ? Intel Solid State Disk (SSD) X25-M
    Hardmac.com : Le "Macbidouille" in English - Intel SSD X25-M in a MacBook Pro: some Benchmarks
  2. HaliBubba

    HaliBubba TRIBE Promoter

  3. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    Hot damn, son. That SSD on its own is pushing the $500 mark. This is a damned good deal and if I had the cash I'd be on this already. Anyone looking for a MBP should stop the search here.

    But I gotta ask: What's with the strange asking price?
  4. HaliBubba

    HaliBubba TRIBE Promoter

    Simple. Why be normal? ;-)

    Thanks for the props. Already got 3 offers off the fb marketplace posting (for $1800US++) but I really don't want to ship it to the States and I'm holding off for now. I have a feeling this system might go fast. Don't sleep if you are considering.
  5. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    I would man but I've got about 10% of that asking price in my bank account right now :p

    I'll pass the word along to a couple of people I know are looking for new Macs.
  6. rudebwoy

    rudebwoy TRIBE Member

    Pm sent.

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