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FS: Pair of home theatre receivers and Yamaha stereo speakers

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by DJMarshy, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    Sup all :)

    I've got a pair of old home theatre receivers I don't need anymore. The first is a Yamaha HTR-5890 which I just replaced with a Denon AVR-990. It doesn't have HDMI inputs, but it is a great analogue 7.1 receiver. Tons of inputs, multi-zone capable, pre-amp outputs, etc. Comes with the remote, manual, and auto set-up microphone (but no box). It's in very good condition with no scratches, dents or blemishes. It's silver, not black. Asking $300 OBO.

    The second one is an old Pioneer VSX-D511. It's an old receiver I used to drive a pair of Yamaha speakers in my room. Good for an audio-only setup or similar. No box, manuals or remote with this one. In decent condition with a few minor scratches/blemishes, but still 100% functional. Asking $100 OBO.

    Third, I've got a pair of old Yamaha NS66 loudspeakers. Not sure exactly what the specs are on these since they seem to be REALLY old, but they've each got a 12" driver and 1" tweeter. They sound pretty decent but aren't in the best condition. Asking $50 OBO. I'll get some pictures of these guys up later tonight, since they're old and don't seem to exist anywhere on the net.

    Either PM me here or e-mail me at hazard.rfd {at] gmail [dawt} com

    Cheers :)
  2. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

  3. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    Yamaha receiver is tentatively sold.
  4. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    Yamaha receiver is gone.
  5. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    The Pioneer receiver and Yamaha speakers are still available. I'm open to offers, so feel free to shoot me one :)
  6. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    All sold.

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