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FS: Organs Harvested From Executed Chinese Prisoners

Subsonic Chronic

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Japan's rich buy organs from executed Chinese prisoners
By Clifford Coonan in Beijing and David McNeill in Tokyo
Published: 21 March 2006

Hundreds of well-off Japanese and other nationals are turning to China's burgeoning human organ transplant industry, paying tens of thousands of pounds for livers and kidneys, which in some cases have been harvested from executed prisoners and sold to hospitals.

When Kenichiro Hokamura's kidneys failed, he faced a choice: wait for a transplant or go online to check out rumours of organs for sale. As a native of Japan, where just 40 human organs for transplant have been donated since 1997, the businessman, 62, says it was no contest. "There are 100 people waiting in this prefecture alone. I would have died before getting a donor." Still, he was astonished by just how easy it was.

Ten days after contacting a Japanese broker in China two months ago, he was lying on an operating table in a Shanghai hospital receiving a new kidney. "It was so fast, I was scared," he says. The "e-donor" was an executed man; the price: 6.8m yen (about £33,000).

Beijing does not reveal how many people it executes, but analysts estimate as many as 8,000 people are killed each year. Reports of Chinese authorities removing organs from executed prisoners have been circulating since the mid-1980s, when the development of a drug called Cyclosoporine-A made transplants a newly viable option for patients.

Until now, most of the evidence linking executions to the organ trade has been anecdotal and has not been helped by a lack of transparency in the Chinese criminal justice system or the secrecy that surrounds prison executions.

A recovering Mr Hokamura claims he is concerned with where his new kidney came from. "My translator said my donor was a young executed prisoner," says the businessman. "The donor was able to provide a contribution to society so what's wrong with that?"

"It was cheap," adds Mr Hokamura, now back in Japan. "I can always earn more money."

Rumours of problems with follow-up care and patients dying within one to two years of returning from China have failed to stem the tide.

A single broker has helped more than a hundred Japanese people go to China for transplants since 2004 and the trade is growing. Official figures almost surely underestimate the numbers of people, many of whom fly without government knowledge. Mr Hokamura says his family is so pleased that his daughter has put his experience on the internet. In her blog she says she feels sorry for others to have to wait years for transplants and provides a link to a support centre in Shanghai. "Other people should know about this," she writes.

Sources say the cost of a kidney transplant runs to £37,000 and for a liver up to £88,000. Mr Hokamura paid another million yen for transport costs. There is little attempt to conceal the origins of the organs, the bulk of which are taken from executed prisoners.

Alarmed by the growing traffic, the Japanese health ministry has begun a joint research project with transport authorities in a bid to gain some control on the trade. But the government is likely to find it difficult to stop desperate people who have money from making the short plane hop to China. Says Mr Hokamura: "I was on dialysis for four years and four months. I was tired of waiting."

The Chinese government insists it is trying to crack down on the market in illegal organs. According to regulations, even in the case of a donation by a close living relative, both patients and donors must provide legal proof of the relationship by blood or marriage or submit to a DNA test.

But the signs spray-painted on the walls outside clinics and hospitals in many parts of China tell a different story. Simple and direct, these show a mobile phone number and the character for shen, which means "kidney", written alongside. Postings on numerous online bulletin boards and other internet sites also offer kidneys for sale.

The sale of organs for transplants is illegal in China, but the black market is flourishing. And it's not just the small private hospitals and clinics springing up all over the country - even bigger hospitals in the capital Beijing and the business hub of Shanghai have adverts in toilet cubicles and on the walls of wards.

"We have to wipe off the notices again and again. They even visit doctors, make numerous calls or write letters again and again," said Professor Ding Qiang, the head of Urology at Huashan hospital, part of Fudan university in Shanghai. "Donations that are subsequently made are surely organ trading, but 'organ donation' for money is strictly banned," said Professor Ding.

However, China is a huge country and, as the proverb goes: the mountains are high and the emperor is far away. The legal ban may have an impact on the illegal organ trade in major public hospitals but the private clinics and small hospitals, which are run for profit, are extremely difficult to regulate, leaving room for profitable, illegal organ trading.

Generally, there is a lack of awareness in China about transplants. As in Japan, a cultural taboo, strongly related to Buddhist beliefs, has traditionally been associated with donating organs. The procedure is seen to make the body imperfect and, in some ways, it means the donor is being unfilial, even if the donation is to a family member.

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Ditto Much

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Is this really worse than flying to Thailand and buying a kidney form a poor guy. Cause this happens all the time.


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there was a rally this wkend in chinatown w/ huge signs and ppl on bull horns stating that members of falun gong are being executed and their organs being sold.

The chinese gov't had death camps set up strictly for this purpose

Concentration Camp for Falun Gong Disclosed;
Prisoners Killed for Organs
“Nobody has yet to come out,” Chinese Journalist Reveals
(3/9/2006 7:19)

NEW YORK (FDI)—The Falun Dafa Information Center received shocking, detailed information on Wednesday from a Chinese investigative journalist documenting a concentration camp set up in Shenyang city, Liaoning province, expressly for Falun Gong practitioners. The news comes on the heels of the Department of State’s 2005 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, released Wednesday; the report documents continued, systematic abuses of the Falun Gong in China. (full report)

Information about the camp was relayed via audio recording from a Chinese journalist. It is the first time news of the secret camp’s existence was disclosed to outsiders. The camp is said to hold over 6,000 Falun Gong adherents at any given time, and “nobody has yet to come out” from it alive. According to the source, it contains a crematorium, and an unusually large number of doctors work there—reflecting the camp’s practice of killing prisoners for their organs, which are then sold for profit.

“Falun [Gong] practitioners are killed for their organs, which are sent off to various medical facilities. Organ sales is now a highly profitable business in China…

The source tried to convey the horror of what is happening in the concentration camp: “Why was a crematorium built, and why are so many doctors housed there? … The answer is something unimaginable. You must be clear that a cremator for bodies is different than a burner used for sanitation purposes.”

Located in the Sujiatun district of Shenyang city, the camp, dubbed the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, is surrounded by walls three meters high, topped with electrified barbed wire. It is heavily fortified and said to be highly secret; locals know close to nothing about it. Those held inside are Falun Gong adherents from China’s three northeastern provinces as well as central China; many are said to have been transferred there from various labor camps. CCP authorities involved with the camp have “learned many things from North Korea,” according to the source.

“This is deeply, terribly disturbing, and confirms our worst fears: that CCP authorities remain intent on ‘eradicating’ Falun Gong, and in their desperation will go to any lengths,” stated FDI spokesperson Mr. Erping Zhang. “We need to be clear that the persecution has not gone away—it has merely become darker and more hidden.”

The Chinese source spoke at length about the unlawful “harvesting” of organs in the Sujiatun facility. “If Falun Dafa practitioners are sent to Sujiatun,” he said, “they have no chance of coming out … The CCP won’t let a prisoner consume food forever. So what are they up to, then? … the Falun Dafa practitioners are killed for their organs, which are sent off to various medical facilities. Organ sales is now a highly profitable business in China.”

“They can’t find enough bodies through executions, and no bodies are more readily available for this business than those of the [Falun Dafa] practitioners,” he stated.

Warning signs have surfaced in recent months.

Last June CCP authorities reportedly held a “crisis meeting” in which China’s deputy minister of Public Security, Liu Jing, was assigned the job of “stamping out” Falun Gong “before the Olympic Games in 2008,” according to the Paris-based Intelligence Online. Several reports have stated that authorities wish to use the Olympics as a pretext to deepen their assault on the Falun Gong.

This past January Chinese officials similarly announced a “new campaign” that would “sabotage activities of cult organizations” as part of a “complex struggle against enemies,” according to a Reuters report. Past campaigns to “strike hard” have resulted in upwards of 10,000-plus executions in a single year, say human rights groups.

Word of concentration camps for Falun Gong practitioners has circulated for several years. An October 1, 2000, report by Agence France Presse told of two concentration camps having been recently built, both specifically for Falun Gong detainees. The camps were said to have been built in northwest and northeast China, and been capable of each holding up to 50,000 persons.

An October 6, 2000, report on Minghui.net stated that a concentration camp, expressly for the Falun Gong, had been built in the remote northwestern province of Xinjiang. Chinese sources report seeing Falun Gong adherents shipped off on trains to the Xinjiang camp. Little to no information on the secretive camp has emerged. No one to date is known to have come back from the camp.

Stated Mr. Zhang, “International media and governments around the world must pay attention to this and take active measures to investigate the concentration camp and put a stop to this barbarity and madness. We are calling for all possible support from international organizations. There must be accountability in China. If this is the price people are paying for our silence, it is chillingly tragic.”



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Ditto Much said:
Is this really worse than flying to Thailand and buying a kidney form a poor guy. Cause this happens all the time.


there is @ least some semblance of a judicial system in thailand and albeit not an ideal situation, the poor guy in thailand has a choice

the decision in china is made by the gov't not by the individual nor the individual's family members. The profits from the sale does not benefit the family members.

The chinese gov't states they're trying to reduce the amt of organ trading on the black market when in fact they're just trying to dominate it. Yes there are stories of travellers murdered and disappearing w/out a trace, having their organs stolen and sold. There has always been a conspiracy about gov't cover-up.
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wow, I got to this thread through another about China harvesting skin from convicts, using their collegen to make cosmetics sold in London, UK.

what a crazy, crazy world, China is worse then Hannibal Lecter.


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Hmmmm...I'm not saying it's not true...but I'd be wary of articles like this at a time when North American media are on a bit of a Chinese "witch-hunt"

Check out Swift's “A Modest Proposal”...Irish catholics eat their babies don't you know? :)

Subsonic Chronic

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The Independent is more than a reputable source, it's not just some hack internet "newz" site.

And since when are N.A.news media on a Chinese whitch hunt? I'd say it's almost the opposite, seems like everyone's trying to get cozy with the "next emerging superpower".