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FS or Trade - Wii Consolte + Games 4 PS3


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Hello There,

I have a Nintendo Wii That I would like to trade for a PS3.


2 Wii Wireless Remotes
Guitar for Rockband
1 Mario Cart Steering Wheel
Mario Cart
Rock Band
Wii Sports
Wii Play

The console also has warranty until next year so you are protected.

I am not sure what a reasonable cost is for a wii at this time, I just know that the unit was purchased with extended warranty with a couple of games for 475. There are 2 more games that were purchased since then. If you do not want to trade you can purchase this package for 350 OBO.

No reasonable offers refused.




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I don't mean to burst your bubble but that package wont even get you that value in a trade in.

I traded my Wii and games in a few months back for the PS3, which still has lots of value and had to put cash down as well.
I'd say my package was of more value then yours.

Now the wife misses all her mario games and the new donkey kong.

I would buy the wii console and 2 remotes from you for 100$

Nintendo Wii Canadian Video Game Trade in Values (TIVS) at EB Games, Future Shop, Best Buy, Blockbuster Video and Rogers Plus/Video

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halo five

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TIVs aren't a reasonable comparison for a private sale price. $100 is too low for a used Wii in good condition.

That said, hoping for a PS3 in trade is a bit of a stretch as well.


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100 dollars is completly fair for just console and motes.
It's priced at $209 brand new with two games.

Hey aren't there rules about people not making offers and commenting on other offers? ;)

Aerius Zension

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Wii has dropped so much in value that I won't consider selling mine. It's a collectors item. Honestly, I picked up my used PS3 for $180 two years ago. That's your best route.


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I haven't a clue about video games/consoles. Prices or resale prices.

I don't game at all. I just picked up a new TV and wanted the Playstation for the wireless and to try out Black Ops. Besides that, I have no time for gaming.

My price is O.B.O. If you are interested make me an offer. I think we paid 450 for the package, plus our unit has warranty until next year.


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Nah that's a little too low for my liking. 200 is the lowest I will go.

And PS, I do not want to split up the package.
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