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FS: NWT - Men's Coach Wallet Bleeker Legacy Painted Stripe


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The metro-sexual in me bought a Coach wallet.

I managed to buy *another* Coach wallet instead....(one I really wanted)

So I am selling the first one that I bought. It was never used.

Comes with gift box, tissue paper, and receipt.

This is a man's wallet. It is a double bill fold with a removable flip id-case.

The colour is Navy /Ocean.

Id number #74493

- rich glove tanned leather
-credit card and multi function pockets
- full length bill fold compartments
- 4" x 3 1/4"

In store cost is $178 + tax.

Yours for $150


Click the link below to see the deets.

Mens Wallets, Money Clips, Billfolds, and Card Cases from Coach
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