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FS: Novation Supernova II rack - $800!


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Hi there
I've decided to part with my Supernova II. I believe $800 CAD is an attractive asking price for this unit.. it's in excellent condition. Only imperfection is some minor paint chipping around the mount holes.

This is a subtractive virtual analog synth, comparable with the Virus B or C, but with it's own distinct qualities. The SN is often praised for closely reproducing the lush sounds of classic Oberheim and Arp synths. It excels at pads, leads, percussion and basses and has a clear, strong sound.

The SN also stands out for having one of the most powerful arpeggiators ever implemented on a synth. The modulation section allows for a huge variety of sounds. It also has a built in vocoder with a spectrum analyzer.


Prepal price tracking: http://www.prepal.com/data/Novation.htm


Synthesis: Analog Sound Modeling (subtractive synthesis with 3 oscillator, resonant filters and ring modulators)

Polyphony: 24 notes, expandable to 36 or 48 notes by optional cards.

Multitimbral mode up to 8 parts on 8 independent MIDI channels

Storage: Sample ROM/RAM 1024 Programs in 8 Banks (512 Preset) - 512 Performances in 4 Banks - 400 Drum Programs

FX Processors: Distortion, Comb Filter, EQ, Reverb, Chorus/ Flanger/ Phaser/ Ensemble, Delay and Panning for each program. 56 Effects available simultaneously in the Performance mode (7 effects for each of the 8 parts of a Performance plus Vocoder)

42 band Vocoder with sibilance modes and spectrum analyzer

Sequencer Arpeggiator (128 Polyphonic Preset + 128 Monophonic Preset + 384 User patterns) - 8 Arpeggiators simultaneously available in Performance mode

Realtime controls: 109 parameters assignable for control via MIDI

Outputs: 8 assignable physical outputs

Inputs: 2 balanced inputs routable to filter, effects, vocoder or all. 2 footswitches.

MIDI In/Out/Thru, 2 footswitch inputs

Thanks for your interest. I can be reached at 416-907-4460.

James Campbell
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room