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FS: Norco mounain bike


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Since I don't ride anymore, I've decided to sell my bike:

Norco Nitro (circa 1994)
-4130 chromoly frame
-xtr & xt derailleurs
-grip shift
-AMP F-1 front fork
-SPD pedals & size 10 Nike shoes
-currently has road tires on it, but I have 3 knobby tires at home
-very light weight...the whole bike only weighs about 26 #

it has been stored inside for the last 5 years only having been used a handful of times

asking $450

please email me at:





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If you can't sell it let me know. What model of pedals and grip shift do you have on it?
Is it 7 speed? or upgraded? (I'm assuming 7 if its from 94, unless it was upgraded)

I'm keeping my bike with 7 and I'm running out of places for replacement high end parts.
might also buy the rear derailer off you.
obviously only if you're willing to have your bike picked apart by a gear junkie. ;)
let me know.