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FS: Nine Inch Nails (NIN) tickets - March 6th - London (JLC)


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Nine Inch Nails tickets up for grabs. They are playing in London, on March 6th, at the John Labatt Centre. Small intimate venue!

I have 4 in total (all in a row). Will sell all 4 together or 2 & 2.

They are in the rail section, front row (row A), which is the section between the 100 and 300 levels.

I'm asking $320 for all 4 tix.

Contact me if interested or to make an offer.

E-mail tcow1976@hotmail.com to inquire.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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synchronizator said:
i have a friend who might want these... at least two of them for sure....
are they still for sale?

PM has been sent.

The tickets are still available.

It's going to be a KICK ASS show!
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