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FS: NIB Behringer VMX200 Mixer


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Brand new, in box, with instructions, Behringer VMX200 Mixer. List price for this mixer is $160CDN. We are selling the mixer for $140CDN. This mixer has approximately 15 hours of use. We decided it did not meet our criteria. Unfortunately, the store we purchased it from does not accept returns after 7 days...This is a great little mixer for the DJ who's just starting out and wants to drop some block rockin' beats.....all you need to do is ignore the BPM LEDs. ;) PM me if you are interested. Like I said....brand spanking NEW!

Here are the specs from the website:



The VMX200 perfectly embodies the VMX concept, combining no more channels than you need with an impressive set of state-of-the-art performance features and typical BEHRINGER audio and build quality. Its two dual-input stereo channels allow connection of four stereo sources with top-panel selection. Each stereo channel features a gain control, an effective 3-band kill EQ with up to 32 dB of attenuation and a 45-mm ULTRAGLIDE fader with a 3-way curve switch. In addition, the VMX200 sports a dedicated mic channel with a ULN input stage, 2-band EQ and an auto-talkover function with depth control.
The PFL section is equipped with a CH-1/CH-2 balance control and a split option, which routes the channel signal to one side of the headphones and the main output signal to the other. A dual 10-segment LED level meter displays your choice of main or PFL signals. Our impressive XPQ 3D surround effect is also on board, with ON/OFF button and depth control, as well as our automatic BPM counter with Tempo Difference and Time Offset displays. A continuously variable crossfader curve control plus a crossfader reverse switch with our revolutionary tap-and-hold mechanism give you plenty of power for mixing tricks. Last but not least, the VMX200 features a professional VCA level engine for utmost fader precision and reliability.
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Price drop.....$130 or best offer. Great "starting out" mixer!

PM or email me:

mark _ baker @ edu. yorku. ca (without the spaces of course)
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