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FS: New Records RMX'd by Donald Glaude & Chris Anderson for sale(not avail in Canada)


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I've been given a total of 19 copies of a record that has never been avaiable in Canada... and *Iam* the sole distributer up here as well. I will be taking the records to stores later this week but thought...

"Hey... why don't I give the people on Tribe an opperatunity to grab a few at *Store cost*?"

So here it is

Knowledge & Ezrah - Blue Print Training( Remixed by Donald Glaude & Chris Anderson) - Columns of Knowledge Recordings

click for a list of samples

This is a tech house rareity in this country so act fast b4 the stores grab em from me.

$7 a tune brand Spanking new...
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Jeremy Jive

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Ok so my options are to buy it from you in a one time deal or.... buy it from Brian who is a friend and will use my extra bucks to keep his store open, employ my other friend and keep supplying me with records every week.

Ok I think that is worth the extra fee.

However I was gonna buy it off you until you mentioned that the stores would be getting it. If it was rare and unreleased then ya I would be more down for that.

jeremy -support those who support you- jive


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The record is listed on Watts, in fact it has just been restocked. It's been available in North America since September. Although $7 US distributor price makes this an expensive import.

KNOWLEDGE EZRAH - Blueprint Training EP (6 98)
Knowledge and Ezrah teaming up on this funky slice of tech-house for Columns Of Knowledge "Blueprint Training" fuses elements of funk, house and tech with great aplomb, with the tempo upbeat and some great filtered loops layered over a chunky bassline groove Chris Anderson reworks the track into more straight ahead tech-house cut, leading with the bass, and adding in some nasty synth stabs alongside a menacing beat On the flip, Donald Gaude s is the pick of the bunch, taking the track to a a whole new level with pounding drums and basslines all over the place If you you re your tech-house hard, this is the track for you TRACKS Blueprint Training (Original Mix) Blueprint Training (Chris Anderson Mix) Blueprint Training (Donald Gaude Flannel Shirt Mix - Seattle Style) **Not new! Back in stock!**
Watts #179470 - Label: COLUMNS OF KNOWLEDGE - Format: 12D - Country: USA - Catalog #: COK 003 - Style: Straight Up House - Released: Sep 29, 2003
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it's rare in this country... and Brian is a friend of mine as well.

20 copies country wide is pretty rare.

regardless it's your choice.

oh and I didn't say the tune was new but rather that the records themselves have never been played.

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