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FS: Mt.Equip.Co-op. 3 season Tent


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I bought this tent about four years ago, and have used it once.

I paid over $230 for it at Mountain Equipment C0-OP.

Just seeing if anyone is interested...

It looks remarkably like the one below, I honestly can't say for SURE because I haven't taken the thing out of the bag for 4 years! :p I know it's hunter green though, not yellow. I do know that it is of the "tarn" variety. They have more pics on the website.

Gear Notes: MEC Tarn 2 Plus Tent

Weight: 2.41 kilograms

Popular with hikers who want a tent a bit more stable than a basic tunnel tent. The peg-out vestibule, mesh sidewalls, and a high front vent help keep condensation down in rainy weather. The clip system allows air circulation, and is colour-coded for easy pole set-up.

Fits two cozy people.
Floor has been upgraded to our exquisite HT-Seal, 210-count, 70-denier nylon taffeta - polyurethane-coated for superior long-term waterproofness.
Fly is made of your choice of Gold or Green 75-denier polyester taffeta - polyurethane-coated for waterproofness to 2000mm.
Canopy is made of a white, 230-count, 40-denier ripstop nylon - undyed for greater strength and to reduce dye effluent use, which is harmful to the environment.
Bottom zipper door maximizes ease of use.
Floor area is 2.46 sq. m.
Poles are of sturdy 9.0mm diameter 7001-T6 aluminum.
Minimum weight is 2.41kg, packaged weight is 2.7kg.
Packed size is 15 x 53cm.
Sewn in Vietnam, fabric from Taiwan, frame from South Korea.
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^ ^ ^ ^^ this is negotiable, obviously. but as i mentioned, it has only been used once- for one night, actually- in dry conditions.


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Originally posted by JESuX
Does $150 sound reasonable?
you need to learn how to negotiate better, make your position sound firm. That phrasing makes people think... "maybe I'll just offer $100". :p

the more you know!

Nice tent BTW... this thread made me start thinking I need it but I've got to stop the spending madness. If it's still around in awhile I'll PM. :)


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Originally posted by Bumbaclat
you need to learn how to negotiate better, make your position sound firm. That phrasing makes people think... "maybe I'll just offer $100". :p

Yeah what she should have said was "Give me $150 for the tent or I'll fuckin kill you".
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Originally posted by MalGlo
now THATS a sales pitch
heh! if i were to pitch you in person rather than on a message board, i wouldn't bother with demands. i'd just stab you in the balls and run away with your wallet. :)


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i will say i've used this tent many a time and it is a good tent, quick set up, can't see why you wouldn't be able to use it in the winter unless you're going on an expedition. mine got stolen when they broke into my car in mexico city along with about 7 rolls of film over which i'm still crying about,
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