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FS: modified American Audio CK-1000 (2x CDJ + Mixer combo) + flightcase


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selling this unit after almost 2 years of use, it's still in great shape since I only used it for one specific monthly gig, and always used the flight case. I'm selling because I've recently upgraded my mobile rig. This is a great solution for easy mobile DJing setups

This unit is modified with 2 extra sets of RCA inputs, allowing you to use the player as a DJ controller with a laptop, as well as regular CDs and MP3s. Lots of versatility here.


Plays MP3, CD & CD-R discs
Display shows ID3TAG information during playback
Advanced cueing with track searching by frame
Advanced Track Search by track title or by Folder Search
Quick MP3/CD recognition
TAP sync BPM
Tempo Lock
Instant Start
Digital Scratch FX
TAP Button for manual BPM
Anti Shock (20 sec. per side)
+10 track advance button
Seamless loop
BOP effect
Pitch range: ±4%, ±8%, ±16%
Selectable elapsed, remain & total remaiming time display
Single or continuous play


2 Channel Pro mixer built-in
Inputs: 2 CD (built-in), 2 Line, 1 Aux, 1 Mic
Bass, Mid, Treble & Gain adjustment for each channel
Master Level, Mic Level, Cue Pan & Cue Level adjustment
Stream Flow LED indicators for each channel
Flip Flop On/Off button — Relay playback between two CD Players
Auxiliary input on face — Mini Jack great for Portable MP3 players or satellite radio receivers

Rear Panel

XLR Balanced XLR Outputs
Digital Output (S/PDIF)
2 additional line inputs
Mic input (XLR or 1/4" input)

$300 for the player and flightcase together



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