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FS: Modern glass table, vintage-y chair, etc.


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Hi all,

So I STILL own too much furniture and am again selling some of it. Pick-up only unless otherwise noted. Everything is from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Also, any reasonable offers will be considered.

First up is a modern, glass dining table for $120. The chairs are not included. The height is 30 and a half inches and the width (diameter) of the glass is 35 and a half inches.

Another view of the table:

Vintage-like, Arne Jacobsen inspired chair. I was going to reupholster this, but am too lazy - $160

Ikea rug, will consider delivery, if I know you and you're serious about buying it - $5

Ikea silver chair - $5....I'll post a photo later.


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The plaid chair is also sold!

I'm adding an item, the super valued Tribe Ottoman. Now you to can own a piece of Tribe memorabilia. Owned by at least 3 (4?) Tribers....oooooh!

The price is $30...yes I know, but no threadcrapping please. Thank you.

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I bought the table at a store called In Theory that used to be located on Queen West near Bathurst. I know they are no longer there, but not sure if they closed down altogether or just moved somewhere else. They're definitely not on Queen (b/w Dovercourt and University) anymore though.

Sorry. I would think your best bet would be to try looking online instead of looking for it stores...I haven't really seen that table anywhere else.