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FS: Mixer, Needles and Records (DnB, House and some techno)


TRIBE Promoter
All items listed are like new. 95% of records have only been played once or twice, some never. Email (the_zirca<nospam>@yahoo.com) or pm for offers


MIXER $175
Numark DM1002X w original box, manuals, warranty, etc. Mint Condition
Selling because I upgraded.

Stanton Trackmaster II’s – Matched Pair EL – felt case w needle covers


$8 if not listed
Buy 25-40 @ $7/record
Buy 40+ @ $6/record
Buy all or most @ $5/record
All unknown white labels $5


Triple Pack
Various Artists - Way of Life LP (Juice) $15
a) M.T.S. - Hard Disk (Zinc Rmx) (b) Undercover Agent - Slaughter
c) Splash - Babylon (Daz Rmx) (d) Embee - Walk Tall
e) Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! (Swift Rmx) (f) Majistrate - Retry

Double Packs
Total Science - Street Level E (Renegade Hardware Promo) x2 $15
a)Street Level (b) Rebel Soul
c) Room Service (d) Out of Touch (Source Direct Rmx)
Twisted Individual – Twisted Individutron EP (Formation) $20

Loxy & Dylan - nigtmare EP (Renegade Hardware) $15
a) Nightmare (b)Land of the Lost
c) Death March (d) Caution (Spirit Rmx)

Assult N Battery - Beat Dat System/Come Together (Dee Jay)
Fenturion - Allien Terratory/Mother Ship (Force Ten)
Sniper - Fossils/Echo Event (Vinyl Syndicate)
DJ Harmony - Let Me In/So Real (Moving Shadow)
Warlockz/Simpleton - Walk Wit Ya Friends (Crunk)
Helsinki (Country Series) - Angel Eyes/Hidden Away (?)
Dylan & Loxy - Evolution/The Temple [of Doom] (Cylon)
Facs & Dylan – Ecoli/Baindust (Juice)
Spirit – Chapter Two/Confusion (Timeless)
Kappa – Stand Up/Tough Point (True Playaz)
Kenny Ken/Vinyl Syndicate - Unknown (Soloshot)
Fierce/Optical - New York/Serum (Metro)
Neil Vas & Jim Polo:Bass Balistic & DJ SS - Sound ot the Future Rmx (Formation Records)
Illfingas – Union Station/DRegion – Release (Furious)
Interface – Freedom/Applause (Renegade)
Fat Beats – Things to Come/Static (Fat003)
Cybin – Roller/Unhuman Soy (Emcee)
Brockie/Kane/Ed Solo – Shallow Mindz/Fantasy (Sonic Art)
Hybridz/nCode - Eyewall/Carbon (Perspective)
Ink - 7th Sign/The Power (Cylon)
Various – Champion Soundz LP Sampler (TOV)
Total Science – Facts of Life/Lust (Hard Leaders)
Aphrodite – Cocaine/Calling the People (Recuts)
Roni Size/Shy FX – Bambaata Remix (Ebony)
John B – The Gate/Music For Lost Cities (Beta)
Dj Hidden – The Wrong Way/Anamnesia (Wicked Music)
Badmarsh & Shiri - Swarm (Outcaste)
DSCIY Promo – Can’t remember tune names, but has orchestra intro…

ARX 02 - white label
Unknown Artist - Static/Rapture (Test 5A)
Unknown - Unkown (flex recordings, Flex.29)
THC - Tin Can/Deckchair (Slow Motion Recordings)
Illfingas - Tonight/Green Destiny (Jedi)
Unknow:Unknown (white label)

Optical - Moving 808s/High Tek Dreams (Prototype)
Adam F Ftr. Redman – Smash


Latino Circus – In Your Soul (YoshiToshi) 2 piece $15

Hamel – Close (Sunkissed)
Circulation – Black (Limited #7)
Chiapet – Westworld (YoshiToshi)
Emily – The Disco Bandit EP (YoshiToshi)
Zach Corbell – This Feeling (Four1)
XtraLarge – Mind Made Up (Vision)
Aftersun – Lovers ( Infrared)
Smart Alex – Straight a’s (Eukahouse)
Tribaloptics Vol.2 – Gene Hunt – Let’s dance/ Wilhelm K – Swing It (D-Version)
Smitty & Eric Davenport – The Pass Line EP (Doubledown)
UES Presents Stockholm Workouts 2 – BetaMax Crew – All the Way/Do it
Unknown: Bushes (White Label)
Paul A – The Funk (Difference)
Marc O’Tool – Deeper (Maeistrom Promo)
Danny “Buddha” Morales as Fiend (Yummy Records)
Prospect P Zedd – Surrender (white Label)

Streamline – Streamline (DJ Skryker Remix 2000) (Bit Music)
Commander Tom – Eye C Red (noom 20)
Circulation – White
Unknown – Unknown (GM003 White Label)
Bronx Bombers – Madness/Rhythm (12 Inch Monkeys)

FloorFilla - Anthem #1 2001 (ZYX)
Mellaeny Melody & The Pop Machine – Fashion Victim Mixes (Gay)
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