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FS: Microcassette recorder, LG Fido phone, Pentax 35mm camera


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GE Microcassette Recorder (35375)
• Compact, slim handheld design
• Includes clip on microphone
• Five buttons for fast, easy operation
• Built with an automatic, end-of-tape shutoff feature
• Features a built-in microphone for recording quality
• Measures 2.6 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches (W x D x H)
More details and specs available here: http://www.televisionsteals.com/GE/item.php?a=B00005MNE7&k=Cassette Players&s=GE

Only used a couple of times, still in brand new condition…
Asking $15

Pentax Espio 738G Camera

35mm fully automatic lens-shutter camera with built-in zoom lens, autofocus, auto exposure and auto flash. Power zoom 38mm-70mm, f/4.8 f/8.5 lens.. Includes Camera, battery and travel case.. Asking $20

LG C1300 Mobile Phone for Fido network

• Ultra compact and lightweight design
• Full-color internal LCD
• Large external mirror with LED indicator light
• 40-chord polyphonic sound support
• GPRS for high-speed data transmission
• Mobile instant messaging using AOL
• Java 2.0 support for application, ringer, wallpaper, graphic and game downloads
• Personal organizer with Calendar, Scheduler, Alarm Clock, and Notepad
• Tools including World Clock, Calculator, and Ez Tip Calc

Phone is in perfect condition.. still looks brand new, no scratches as it was used only as a back-up phone.. Includes phone + charger only..
Asking $15

I'm located downtown, either pick up from me or meet somewhere in the downtown area.. PM me or email hoopysale@yahoo.com