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Fs: Mens Hilfiger Pants


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I have 3 pairs of Hilfiger Jeans, 1 Pair of Hilfiger kaki's, 1 pair of Hilfiger Cords and one pair of ecko jeans. They are all 36-40 waist They are all worn lightly or not at all. I dont think I wore the kaki's or cords.... Details & pics below.

20$ Tommy Jeans: Waist 38 Length 30

20$ Hilfiger Red Label Jeans: Waist 36 Length 30

15$ Hilfiger Red Label Jeans: Waist 38 Length 30

10$ Ecko Unltd Jeans: Waist 38 Length 32

25$ Tommy Jeans Kaki's: Wasit 40 Length 34

25$ Hilfiger Red Label Cords: Waist 40 Length 32