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FS: Magrette Nautico Mechanical Watch


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I bought this watch a few years ago when I first started getting into mechanical watches - I loved its clean look. Anyhow, its been in the box for over a year and I haven't worn it so I figure its time to sell it to make room for another.

Here are the details:

Clone Unitas 6497-1 @ 18,600bph
Titanium case
Lume on arabic numerals and hands (hands glow strong, weaker on the indices)
Mineral glass

Images are not mine, but the watch is identical. $80. Pick-up evenings near Dupont and Lansdowne or during the Day at Bathurst and College.


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TaCk OnE?

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I might have a buyer for you, people were hounding me when I sold the one I got from you last time. I'm sure they're still interested.