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FS:M-Audio Delta 1010


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In perfect condition, less than a year old.

10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz full-duplex recording interface
8 x 8 analog I/O on balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS
S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial) with 2-channel PCM
digital I/O supports surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS pass-through
up to 24-bit/96kHz fidelity
1 x 1 MIDI I/O
analog outs can directly drive up to 7.1 surround
+4dBu/-10dBV operation individually switched on rack-mount unit
word clock I/O for sample-accurate device synchronization
software-controlled 36-bit internal DSP digital mixing/routing
zero-latency monitoring

additional info can be found here:


Asking $500

contact me at D.Hearts at gmail dot com
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wikkd soundcard! One of the best on the market still!

If I didn't have my card I would definitely jump on this....