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FS: Lots of DJ Gear

Sean Collier

TRIBE Promoter
My buddy is selling off all of his gear and he asked me to post this for him. I think he's asking too little, but he just wants to see it gone.

2 Technics 1200s (SL-M3D, SL-MK2)(one silver, one black)
>>>>Stanton RM3 3 channel mixer
>>>>Stanton 890SA needles with case and extra stylus
>>>>Black Odyssey flight cases for decks
>>>>Yellow Odyssey hard shell record flight case - holds about 70 records
>>>>Used black Sure record bag
>>>>Will throw in a few house records
>>>>i'd prefer to keep it all together if possible.

Asking: $1200.00

Please dont ask me any questions regarding this equipment. Please email him. His name is Christian and his email is djchrisnatty[@]hotmail.com
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That's a retardedly good deal. If you do split things up I'd be interested in the Sure bag and the record flight case.


jocelyn dee

TRIBE Promoter
yeah - if you split it up, I'm interested in the odyssey cases for the turntables! I was thinking about picking some up on ebay but I'd rather buy local!
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