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FS: Juno 106


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i have decided at long last to sell my beloved juno 106, source of the basslines of ice-9, garage sale symphony, cannibal orgy, and kill that funk. i really am broke.

unfortunately, the juno is a little worse for the wear, one of the oscillators is busted, but if you put it on monophonic mode (ie for making bass) then it's juuuust fine.

as compensation for this i m only asking $175 for it. if you can find someone to fix the oscillator it will only cost around $150 and then the juno will be good as 'new' when it would be worth around 500-600.

it's a deal and a half. anyone who knows oldschool synths will tell you that the juno is a beastor.


i'm gonna miss it.

thephatconductor at hot mail


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oh the memories.... the juno106 was my first synth too.... sweet machine....

sad to hear you have to sell it.... i remember when that happened to me. in the end it was very liberating to have it out of the studio. to the right person this would be quite the steal! good luck on the sale.


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I feel for you Dylan - when I sold my OB-1, i almost cried.

Well, not quite.

But I did pay for tuition!