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FS JCV 5.1 home theatre system


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hi all

http://www.misterprice.it/img/prodotti/big/JVSAT005.jpg for a photo of the receiver. the model number is x-5032v

its a 5 x 100 watt receiver with coaxial and optical ins for your digital sources, and it decodes dolby prologic2 (music and movie modes), dolby digital and DTS.

it comes with 5 JVC satellite surround speakers and a powered 100 watt JVC sub. the speakers and sub are the same silver colour the receiver is. comes with manual and remote in the original box.

this little system is perfect for someone in an apartment or a house with a small living room whos looking to get a little more out of their movies and games..

one or two of the speakers have a few small cosmetic markings in the silver paint..theyre very small though and cant be seen more than a few inches away.



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after digging the box out of my storage space i noticed that the sub is 75 watt, not 100 as previously posted.

new price:$200
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