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FS : James Bond 2002 Cannondale Terra


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I used to ride a little bit and this all-black bike was once used to feel like James Bond chasing through the forest. Rodely rarely, a few good crashes but no damage (except for myself). Haven't rode for a year. Needs its annual full-tune up but other than is in very solid shape.

Bought 3 years ago for $1150 (have the bill in front of me) but will let go for $450 firm.

Sweet arse deal.

I have all the receipts and the whole info package as well, if specs are wanted i will post but otherwise you can come and visit it here downtown.

Here are the main pics...

...so long pal. you are doing a good service.




theartofgolfAThotmail.com or pm


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hey yo...

it is a "large" size frame, which i think is about 18" to 19" or so. i am 6'1. bought it at dukes who helped size it up for me.

i really don't know a lot about bikes but i will try my best to answer questions.

thanks for the inquiries.

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also interested. check pms.

i got my f400 stolen last year and this would be a nice replacement.