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FS: Ikea Sofa bed, Footstools, Table Lamp


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Ikea Sofa Bed – LYCKSELE Standard

[shown with quilt cover over top]

[frame + mattress only, this is how item is being sold]

This includes the frame and mattress, frame retails for $90 and mattress is $180. Ikea also sells separate covers for this sofa bed which you can pick up if you want. Here’s a couple of examples of the covers available from ikea:

Specs on the frame here: http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stor...uctId=15693&langId=-15&parentCats=15585*15626
Specs on the mattress here: http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stor...uctId=11193&langId=-15&parentCats=15585*15626

This sofa bed is less than a year old, and is rarely used.. still in perfect condition.. and it’s really comfortable to sleep on as the mattress is good quality.. Asking $120

Ikea Footstool – PÄLLBO
2 in white available, 1 in black

Details and measurements here:

These are less than 6 months old, and still in perfect condition.. they retail for $29 each..
Asking $15 each

Ikea Table lamp – SKYAR
Details + specs here: http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stor...18&langId=-26&catalogId=10103&productId=40430

Perfect condition, asking $15
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these are excellent footstools, very versatile - they work well as a side table too! i use it as my bedside table.


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Sofabed is sold! Lots of interest in the footstools, but no one has followed through yet! All 3 are still available!
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