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FS: Ikea Loft Bed, Washer/Dryer, 3 piece sectional sofa - $100 (Downtown Toronto)


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Ikea "Storå" loft bed - $125 - Great condition. Includes mattress, ladder, manual and all hardware required. The only difference between my bed, and the one pictured is the side railing at the top, which has been tossed (I found it near impossible to get in/out of the bed with the railing intact). I'm moving, and don't have room for it in the new place.

3 piece sectional - $100 - Good condition. Each "wing" measures 5' long x 3' deep x 32" tall, and has a flat section at the end (to be used as a table). The center piece is 40" x 40"x 32", has a "lazy susan" built in, and a flat surface to be used as a table (would make a great bar). A few scuffs etc, but only noticable on close inspection.

Apartment sized washer/dryer - $125 - Apartment sized, side by side. Washer has been fitted with sink hookups, and the dryer is 110 volt (so there are no special plugs required). Washer works perfectly, but the dryer squeaks after a few minutes of use (easy enough to fix...it just needs a new bearing..shouldn't cost more than $40 installed to have it fixed). Dryer works perfectly despite the squeaking. Great if you're sick of hauling laundry to the laudromat (you can just roll it up to the sink). I'll include an indoor venting kit for the dryer, so you don't have to vent to the outside.

older Air Conditioner - *FREE* - around 12,000 BTU. mechnically works fine, just needs a coolant recharge.

All items are o.b.o. and you'll have to pick them up yourself.

Thanks for looking.
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