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FS: Freestyle Records


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This is basically the Freestyle fans wet dream. All the big freestyle tunes, and the underground hits as well.
Lots of stuff under aliases from Todd Terry, Omar Santana, Steve Silk etc... Every record and sleeve is in absolute MINT condition. here is the list. To be sold as a whole lot. Please make an offer.

Olga - Play another song for me
Bananarama - I heard a rumour
Will to Power - Dreamin'
Dino - Summergirls
Freez feat. John Rocca - I.O.U
New Edition - Count me out
Whitney - So Emotional
Alaska - Into my Secret
Comouflage - The Great Commandment
Lime - Unexpected Lovers
Koto - Jabdah
Company B - Fascinated
Salt and Pepa - Push it / Tramp
Miquel Brown - So many men, so little time
Noel - Like a Child
Exaltation - Hearts Desire
Jody Watley - Some kind of Lover
Tolga - Loving Fool
Mac Band - Stuck
The Jets - Private Number
Suzy - Cant Live without your love
Gloria Estefan - Rhythm is gonna get you
Mory Kante - Ye ke Ye ke
The House Gang - Cool J Trax / Work my Body
The Todd Terry Project - Back to the Beat/ Bango "to the batmobile"
Bananarama - Venus / White Train
Information Society - Walking away / make it funkier
Debbie Deb - Fantasy
C-Bank - I wont stop loving you
Cyre - Last Chance
John Rocca - Move (Farley "jackmaster" Funk)
Sweet Sensation - (Goodbye baby) Victim of Love
Nu Shooz - Are you lookin for somebody nu
Paul Hardcastle - 19(final story) / King tut / Fly by night
Monet - Give in to me
Steve "Silk" Hurley - Its Percussion
Starpoint - He wants my body
Isis (Todd Terry)- Let me hold you
TKA - Tears May Fall
Alisha - Baby Talk
Jody Watley - Dont you want me
Kathy Mathis - Baby Im hooked
Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous /Tell me tomorrow
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (plus remixes)
Mac Band - Roses are red
Rainy Davis - Sweetheart
The Social Club - Rumours / Vicious Rumours
Nayobe - Good things come to those who wait
Falco - Rock me amadeus
Patti LaBelle - New Attitude / Alex F (from Beverly Hills Cop)
Nice and Wild - Diamond Girl / EMU1 (Original Atlantic Pressing)
Spirit - Crimes of Passion
EG Daily - Say it, Say it
Leather and Lace - Rock me Shake me
LA Girls (Todd Terry)- No more No more
Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Bebop (dont stop) / Heatstroke. (Original 1982 12" on Sugarscoop)
Regina - Baby Love
Freestyle - Party has begun / Its automatic
Trans-x - Living on Video (1983 Matra Records press)
Johnny Kemp - I just got paid
Sonya Baines - Calling out 2 U
BlackJack - Black Ink mix (part 1, 2 and 3)
Blaze - Cant win for losin
Information Society - Running (includes Louie vega remix, 1986 Tommy Boy Press)
Doug Lazy - Let it roll
Sweet Sensation - Hooked on you
Suzy Swan - Cant take these lies (Frankie Bones)
Nancy Martinez - Move out
P.S.O - Wanna be startin something
Trilogy - Latin Love (Original 1987 pressing on Prism Records)
Madonna - Whos that Girl / White Heat
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel / Route 66
Noel - Silent Morning (Original 1987 Island Recs. Pressing
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Destro Sanchez

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save me the man parrish!!!!

PM sent

edit- just noticed you wanted to sell the lot in full.....FAWK
(I would of took at least 5 of those babies)


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Originally posted by poker face
How much each...and how much for the whole thing.

i have an offer pending now for 200$ for the lot.. thats less than 3$ a record, and a good deal considering some of the hard to find pieces in there.

feel free to pm some offers.